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Deemphasize the Prices of Emotional Products

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When it comes to purchasing items that hold sentimental value, many people are willing to overlook the price tag. Whether it is a gift for a loved one or a special trinket to commemorate a personal milestone, the price of the item takes a backseat to its sentimental value. This is because emotional products provide us with intangible benefits that are priceless.

Although we may not be consciously aware of it, we place a great importance on our sentimental items. Strong emotional benefits often accompany emotional products. Therefore, highlight these over the economic value.

Table of contents:
  1. Price vs. product
    1. Example 1: Luxury products
    2. Example 2: Focus on Time and Usage

Price vs. product

The first exposure dictates our decision criteria. It's about price vs. product.

  • Product first: We focus on the benefits of the product
  • Price first: We focus on the economic value.

Show emotional products before prices, allowing customers to appreciate the associated benefits. Examples of emotional products are products related to marriage or breaking up, to giving birth, children, passing away etc. Often products or services related to these categories are expensive since people in certain situations are willing to pay.

When it comes to rational products, the reverse is true. If prices are displayed, customers will be more focused on the economic and sensible value.

Example 1: Luxury products

When you have a website with a focus on luxury products like jewelry or an expensive brand make sure you don't emphasize the prices. Don't make them to big, show the benefits of the product first. It's often the case that images are important here, which makes is easier to reduce the emphasize on the price.

Example 2: Focus on Time and Usage

Make no mention of money. Instead, stress the number of times clients will spend with you. Researchers rotated three signs for a lemonade stand:

  • Time: "Spend a little time and enjoy C & D's lemonade"
  • Money: "Spend a little money and enjoy C & D's lemonade"
  • Neutral: "Enjoy C & D's lemonade"

The time sign drew twice as many visitors, which paid twice as much!

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