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How to give your sign up a pro status to avoid visitors bouncing away (The Airbnb way)?

Posted on Sep 1, 2022

One of the key challenges that many startup businesses face is that visitors bounce away from signing up with them. There can be different reasons for the case, but what we talk about today is visitors bouncing away from signing up because your signup does not cater to cognitive ease and processing fluency in the user experience perspective.

However, with a deep research on the matter, Airbnb’s sign up was in the spotlight due to the best practices used in their design of the UX perspective.  If you too want to have your visitors not bouncing away from the signup, embed these best practices and see how things work great towards conversions.

#1 Let them access via social media

As per the autonomy bias in human psychology, every one of us loves to have the control while performing tasks. Giving your visitors to sign up using their favorite and most convenient social media account other than the conventional email enables them to feel the control which creates a positive effect at the end. Besides, it speeds up the signing up process. That way they don’t have to bother about filling up lengthy forms and most importantly it saves them from remembering another new password! Who wouldn’t love that? Nevertheless, linking your sign up process with social media platforms opens you to a vast spectrum of invaluable data about your visitors. Yes, it’s a two in one deal!

#2 Don’t intimidate the visitors with so much information!

Think about it! Won’t you be overwhelmed just having to see the full and lengthy sign up form displayed on screen? Most of us will be as it creates the effect of unnecessary complexity of the process. You can address this issue by adhering to progressive disclosure where only a logical section of fields from the form is displayed at once. The entire form can be broken into logically related sections followed by a ‘proceed/continue’ button to direct the visitors to the end. Moreover, if you embed a progress bar, your visitors will be compelled to finish what they’ve started as a result of the cognitive bias of the Zeigarnik Effect.

#3 Give them a pleasant layout to work with

Column layout comes in handy in this scenario as processing fluency plays its part here. We are not talking about the most basic form of column layout here though. Make your columns clean and messy free. Highlight the fields where the users enter data with a fine outline. Leave enough space in and out of the fields to make the layout clean. Most importantly, you can add a design icon at the end of each field to make a graphical representation of it as images create a greater impression than mere text according to the cognitive bias of Picture Superiority Effect.

Even though these points may seem as the simplest things, their contribution towards Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is great indeed.

#4 Strong validations amplify the results

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and authenticity go hand in hand. Think about it! What would you feel if you happen to come across a signup form where they accept a password of only numbers without any sort of warning? Will you be so pleased that they accepted it just like that or will you simply halt proceeding? Yes, halting it is! Password fields that indicate the strength is always very much reassuring and it creates a certain level of authenticity in the minds of the visitors. So why not take the maximum advantage of it?

Moreover, you can simply highlight the fields which have been successfully completed by the visitors in green to give a sense of closure followed by satisfaction.

#5 Notifications on errors are absolutely important

Alerting the visitors on their erroneous inputs is as important as acknowledging the right ones. Will there be anything more frustrating to be notified that your signup wasn’t completed due to erroneous data to make you go backward in the process? Indeed no! That’s why it’s absolutely important to hint your visitors then and there when they make errors in the process of signing up.

Wrap up

Lead generation is the key concern on any business online in order to drive themselves towards profits. Persuading a visitor to sign up with the site is the leading way towards lead generation and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Influencing a visitor to sign up with you itself is a great achievement and the last thing you want for a visitor to do is to turn back on you just because your signup doesn’t seem at cognitive ease and process fluency. Adhere to the best practices in creating an ideal sign up form we discussed above and enjoy the leads with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)!

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